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Divorced Mom’s Ordinary Experience of Life, Death and Letting Go

My house, which had so recently been full of noise and young energy, was suddenly empty and quiet this afternoon.  My daughter is away this weekend, and my youngest is away at college and won’t be home until Thanksgiving. The middle son headed back to school after a week at home for fall break. I was surprised to find a few tears as his car pulled out of the driveway. As a divorced mom, it was just me and the animals.

“Letting go is the heart of any spiritual journey…” – Kevin Griffin

This line comes from Kevin Griffin’s book “Recovering Joy”, which I read this morning. I found myself thinking about the cycle of life and death, and the many ways in which I have had to let go over the years, including the dream of “happily ever after” once I got divorced. [continue reading…]


Divorced Moms: Dial Down Those Self-Limiting Beliefs


Mom & daughter atop Mt. Princeton

Life after divorce has been pretty darn good these past few months. Despite the comings and goings of family and friends, and the many transitions I’m experiencing (youngest left for college, oldest moved back home, long-time neighbors moved away, aging parents needing more active support, etc.) I do a good job these days of maintaining my peace of mind. It’s a surprising gift that came out of my divorce.

So I was surprised to find an old belief show up while I was hiking with my daughter, disguised though it was in a fact: “I’m too slow.” The underlying belief is one I bet many divorced moms can relate to: “not good enough.”

I wanted to address this self-limiting belief that was robbing my peace of mind [continue reading…]


Divorced Moms & Grownup Kids

“Hanging out with your grownup kids is like visiting the best parts of yourself.”

I saw this quote today and initially loved it.PF changs dinner 2

Then I got to thinking about it a little more. Is this a compliment to the kids, or a projection? And what do they think about it?

Note:  The picture is me (left) with two of my grownup kids and my parents after a farewell dinner before the “boys” leave for school.

[continue reading…]