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New Book Offers Help to Divorced Breadwinner Moms

My new book Create a Life You Love after Divorce, is now available!

If you’re a breadwinner mom who has made it through the initial heartache of divorce but wants more from life than just getting by, this book can help. It’s designed for busy breadwinner moms using a short and easily readable format, and it comes with access to bonus resources as well. [Click here for more info or to purchase.]

This is the book I was looking for when I began rebuilding after divorce, and

I’ve incorporated the tools, tips and practices that helped me transform my life from stressed out single mom to happily divorced breadwinner mom. The book also includes examples and tips from other breadwinner moms I interviewed who have created lives they love after divorce.

The message is organized into a 4-point plan that works no matter where you are in life after divorce. You’ll find hope and inspiration from the stories that are illustrate the four points, both my own and other divorced moms’ experiences.

Here’s what others have said about the book:

Amanda Steinberg, Founder & CEO of DailyWorth & Worth|FM said:

Like other sound advice for divorced women – on finances, career and entrepreneurship – Joy Cipoletti’s book forms an essential part of the total picture by helping divorced moms with an important but often ignored aspect of divorce: that of creating and rebuilding a satisfying and happy life once the divorce is behind you.

Dorcas Neathery, a divorced breadwinner mom and divorce consultant specializing in high conflict divorce and parental alienation, said:

I have had the pleasure of witnessing Joy Cipoletti practice what she preaches in her 4 Point Plan as she walked the difficult road to the beautiful life she has today. Joy is a woman who brings her experience, compassion and authenticity to the table in these steps, and is living and breathing her vision while giving herself and YOU permission to be human. Strength, peace and infinite opportunities await you in accepting and implementing her offerings. This investment in YOU is one you will never regret.

Andrea Conway, a coach for spiritual entrepreneurs and divorced woman herself said:

Her generous and wise suggestions, along with abundant examples from her life and lives of the women she interviewed, make Joy Cipoletti’s book the best bedside companion you could have during and after a divorce. Especially on the days when you wonder if life will ever be light-hearted and fun again. This book emphatically says it will, offering a gentle, practical and spiritual 4-point plan to ”create a life you love after divorce” – yes, you can do this!  

Addie McHale, CFP®, personal CFO and financial planner said:

This helpful, uplifting resource is an easy to follow, step-by-step instruction manual for creating your best life after divorce. With plenty of great examples and take-action bonus materials, you will be in the fast lane to creating an empowered, rewarding, and rich life. I will recommend this book as essential reading to all of my divorced mom clients, and believe all readers will be left with the feeling that as far as your new life goes, “the sky’s the limit.”

Arianne Moore, a life coach who helps people find tranquility – and herself recently divorced – said:

Joy Cipoletti’s book breathes the love, gentleness, and compassion that she has for women who have gone through the challenges of divorce. Her step-by-step process to help rebuild and reshape one’s life is brought home by her thought-provoking questions, action steps and examples of from own life and those of other women who have struggled with the tumult of life after divorce. Joy beautifully offers us the insight that living an abundant life after divorce is more than just a fleeting thought: life can once again be filled with an abundance of Soul-filled happiness and joy.

You can find the book on amazon.com at this link. Why not get started today to create a life YOU love after divorce?


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