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Prayer Divorced or Divorcing Moms Can Use

A friend shared the Thomas Merton prayer on Facebook this morning. It’s one of my favorites, and I have included it in my forthcoming book “Create a Life You Love after Divorce:  The Breadwinner Mom’s Four-Point Plan.”

I first heard it quoted some years back. A friend had taped it on his bathroom mirror and prayed it every day while his wife was dying of cancer – and for many years afterward. He knew it by heart. I think it works well for women going through divorce or trying to create new lives after divorce. Here it is: 

It’s reassuring that someone as wise and dedicated to the spiritual life as Thomas Merton was as lost in the dark as I can be, and how most divorced moms feel at least some of the time as we meet the challenges of each day – work, parenting, finances, relationships, home maintenance, and the nightly cycle of “reality” TV, woe and misery that passes for news.

I love the idea that my desire to please (my willingness) is the key – willingness and trust. Those are choices I can make daily as I walk through life after divorce regardless of how I feel. And so can you.

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