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Divorced Moms: Great New Resource for Financial Help

Farnoosh Torabi, an award winning financial correspondent and author of the recent book When She Make More, just launched a new daily podcast called “So Money.”

The podcast is free and runs Monday through Friday with interviews. On Saturdays and Sundays Farnoosh answers listeners questions. Initial interviews include the well-known life coach and success strategist Tony Robbins, divorced mom and financial editor of the NBC Today show Jean Chatzky, and financial guru David Bach (of the Finish Rich series of financial books). You can listen to the podcasts and read transcripts of the interviews here.

One of the things I like about these interviews is that Farnoosh asks her guests about how they handle money and finances in their own lives. She also elicits their best advice for listeners. Some gems include:

  • From Tony Robbins: “If you want to do better financially, a universal principle is: change who you spend time with. Who you spend time with is who you become.”
  • From Jean Chatzky: “Hope is not an investment strategy. It really only gets you so far. It’s the action that really moves everything forward.”
  • From David Back: “The bulk of my life has been focused on, ‘How can I be of the most service?’…with the belief that if I’m of the most service, good things will come back to me, that life is a giant circle of karma.”

If you’re looking for financial information in an easy-to-digest format, you can download the podcasts or listen online. Or if you want to skim for useful information, transcripts of the interviews are available online shortly after each podcast.

Divorced moms will especially appreciate what Jean Chatzky, a financial expert, has to say about some of her financial mistakes after divorce.


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