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About Joy

Joy Cipoletti is the divorced mother of three and the breadwinner for her family. She owns and operates a business that provides consulting and communications services to financial, high tech, healthcare and IT companies. She is the author of The Breadwinner Mom’s Guide to Making Peace with Divorce and the forthcoming book Create a Life You Love after Divorce: The Four Point Plan for Breadwinner Moms. Joy brings a unique combination of practical and spiritual perspectives and experience to her clients. A CPA (inactive) and certified data processor (CDP), Joy also holds certificates in Theology and Liturgy from Georgetown University.

The oldest of eight children, Joy was raised in a traditional family with a breadwinner dad and a stay-at-home mom. Her parents have been happily married for over 50 years. Joy’s own marriage lasted 20 years; she never expected to find herself divorced, self-employed, and a breadwinner mom, but today she is all three.

Through her blog she shares her experience, lessons learned, ongoing struggles and triumphs as a divorced breadwinner mom in the hopes of offering strength and hope to others in similar circumstances.

Read her story below:

The year my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary is the same year I got divorced. The oldest of eight kids, I’d been married almost 20 years at the time to a musician and entertainer. We had three high-achieving kids, two dogs, two cats, and a big house in a good school district. My writing and consulting business ( provided for our family’s financial needs. On the outside, everything looked good.

On the inside, though, each day felt like a slog through thick mud, dragging me down with every move.

No matter how hard we tried, the marriage didn’t seem to be working the way we’d hoped. My husband had been a heavy drinker when we met, and though there were periods of sobriety, his drinking grew progressively worse.

As the years went by, the feeling that I’d made a mistake or that we’d gone off track and couldn’t find our way back cropped up with increasing frequency. In the last few years of the marriage, my husband was not pulling his weight financially, and I carried that responsibility as well. I grew increasingly frustrated and resentful.

A series of wake-up calls shook me from my weary resignation and led me to reach for health and a renewal of my spirit, but it wasn’t easy getting from where I was to where I am today.

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