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Divorced Moms, a Life You Love Awaits

At the Royal Arch, a spontaneous hike while waiting for my son to finish class.

It’s been just about two years since my last post and hiatus from the divorced breadwinner mom blog. Many changes have occurred in my life during that time, changes that have reinforced my belief that a life you love after divorce is not only possible, but likely. I’m not planning to resume regular posts here, but I am going to leave the site up as a resource for future divorcing moms seeking resources and support. Use the search function or browse by category to find the resources and encouragement you need, wherever you are in the divorce process.

A few updates about the ongoing changes in my own life, along with a few new resources, follow. [continue reading…]


Taking Time for Metamorphosis in Life after Divorce


Daffodils blooming in front of my house. Enjoying them today as they will likely be gone tomorrow with the arrival of an incoming spring snowstorm.

It’s been more than 7 years since my divorce was final. During that time I’ve consistently worked toward creating a life I love after divorce. I’ve shared nuggets of wisdom, some of the struggles, and a bit of the fun along the way – here on my blog and in my newsletter.

Now I’m entering a new cycle of human metamorphosis (as Martha Beck describes in this article from way back in 2004).  To do so I’m taking a hiatus from my online presence.

As a divorced mom, you, too, may encounter these periods of “cocooning” where you need to withdraw and regroup, so in this post, my last for a while, I’ll describe the experiences that led me to this place, in hopes that it might help others distinguish metamorphosis from plain old lethargy or depression. [continue reading…]


New Beginnings in Life after Divorce

One of the things that has helped me create a new life after divorce is reading and following others who inspire, offer new ways of looking at the world, and share hope. One such source is the Sedona Women’s Institute, a site offering guidance, tools and support for inspired living. Their newsletter today contained a poem I thought was perfect for creating a life you love after divorce.

Because I couldn’t link to it, I’m posting it here (with credit to the author and source). It’s called “For a New Beginning” by John O’Donohue. Take heart, divorced moms:  The world awaits you! [continue reading…]